Jamie Pizzeria Pacific Mall

Jamie Pizzeria Pacific Mall

Welcome to Jamie’s Pizzera by Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver needs no introduction. And so does his love for bringing some freshness in terms of innovations, taste and food to the table. Being the world renowned celebrity chef, entrepreneur and food activist Jamie Oliver, from TV shows, writing cookery books to online food channels, food campaigns and running successful restaurants and businesses, he’s here in West Delhi with his Italian love, 2nd pizza outlet  at Pacific Mall after the first great launch in Gurgaon, known as Jamie’s Pizzeria.

Jamie Pizzeria
Jamie Pizzeria

The first question that instantly popped up in my mind was ’Why Pizza?’ ‘What’s so special about Jamie’s Pizza?’ And the answer is…ah! haan… you got to wait for a little while.

While struggling with these kinds of questions on my way to Jamie’s, the moment I entered Second floor of Pacific Mall, Subhash Nagar, I could smell something magnetic. And as soon as I entered Jamie’s Pizzeria, I could sense what the magnet was. It was so chilled out, relaxed, a casual- classy place, something similar you would like to be in, every evening with your friends, families or colleagues eating your favourite pizzas.

Jamie Pizzeria
Jamie Pizzeria

While looking for a perfect corner, I glanced around and all I could see was some vintage posters, portraits, Jamie Oliver’s published books and a huge graffiti art wall illustrating the zest and the glory of West Delhites. That’s what makes you feel connected to a place like this.

What’s next? Time to order a pizza. And to find answers to some of the questions while exploring this new gastronomic journey. Fingers crossed.

So, before hopping directly on to the Pizzas, I preferred some appetisers. Mutton Meatballs, Mushroom Fritti and Fritto Misto was what I wanted to have. And to my surprise, Mutton Meatballs, baked in garlicky tomato sauce with crunchy croutons, rocket and vegetarian Parmesan stole my heart. The softness of Meatballs with amazingly spicy yet soothing gravy will add a great flavour to your mouth. Mushroom Fritti, oyster mushrooms in herby breadcrumbs best complimented with secret chilli sauce gives a perfect combination of super chilli spicy chutni and namkeen mushroom breadcrumbs. And now, the best in lot, Fritto Misto. If you are a fish and prawns lover, you got to try this. Sustainable local prawns, fish and squid, battered and fried to perfection served with chunky Italian tartare sauce. By its look you won’t believe that you are having a fish or a prawn. But once you take a bite of it, it will take you on a different trip altogether. Something unbelievable yet realistic.

Fritto misto

After being bowled over by some incredible appetisers, I decided to try Marinated feta & watermelon salad garnished with crispy ginger, chilli and mint. A plate full of juicy watermelons, health and a perfect replica of solidified summer cooler with mint aroma.

Next was 11” stretched, a beautiful package of freshness, extravagant toppings, in-house baked crust of flavours, vegetables, and a blend of taste and hot bites. Jamie’s Pizzas.  Before getting on with them, I guarantee you that it will make you fall in love with Pizzas all over again. It will definitely redefine the meaning of elegant, fresh, simple yet contemporary meaning of what you find in every slice of a pizza. That’s why Jamie’s Pizza. It got something special.

So, let’s get started.  My first pizza was Jamie’s Super Greens. Freshly made, hot served, light brown coloured crust topped with broccoli, spinach, mozzarella, garlic, vegetarian parmesan& lemon. Along with the star ingredient sun-dried tomatoes. A perfect package of health, green veggies with a taste to die for. Adding to it was Red Rocket. From olives, mozzarella, mature cheddar, rocket & vegetarian parmesan to sun-dried tomatoes, red rocket will surely take you to the stars. And while you enjoy every bit of it just make sure you eat them as soon as they are served. Because, they taste amazing when they are hot. Otherwise, you’ll miss on some tentalizing flavours and spices.

Meanwhile, I asked for Lychee spritz. A bit sweet drink with Lychee essence, to add a splash of thirst on the rocks to the whole experience.

So, after having vegetarian ones, I ordered, being a hardcore prawn fan, Stargazy. Jumbo prawns, crushed tomatoes, capers, mature Cheddar, fresh lemon and parsley, with all these ingredients there’s no way you can have just one slice. Perfectly fused jumbo prawns will actually make your evening. And rest only adds to the pizza. Along with it I asked for Chicken Alla Diavola. Exclusively for spice freaks, and mark my words when it comes to the degree of spice it holds. From roasted chicken, tomatoes, jalapenos, vegetarian parmesan, to fresh chilli and mint fused with secret chilli sauce, will put you on fire. Quite literally. But it gets too addictive with every bite. If you can handle super spice you’ll surely love it.

Jamie Pizzeria
Jamie Pizzeria

And last but not the least, some after pizza party with Seasonal Almond Tart filled with strawberry jam topped with vanilla cream and Epic Chocolate Brownie, vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. It just melts without any effort giving you the amazing taste of chocolate along with creamy vanilla taste.

So if you haven’t still visited Jamie, don’t wait for the invite. Guys you are really missing on something huge. After all Pizza love ke liye itna to banta hai na boss! 


Alcohol: Available

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